• Venue

    Santo Stefano al Ponte
    Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5, 50122 Firenze

  • Dates

    From 18 Novembre 2017
    Until 01 Maggio 2018

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The entire pictorial collection of the great Monet unravels before the ecstatic eyes of the audience and tells the story of one of the main interprets of the impressionist movement, accompanied by original soundtracks, settings and reproductions from the 19th century.


From the production of this show, we recall the overnight talks with curator and scientific director Sergio Risaliti, who transferred us his great passion for impressionist painting during the writing of the script.


Thanks to the Monet Experience, we started a collaboration with the Gobetti-Volta high school in Florence: several disabled students reproduced some of the most well-known paintings by Monet, which were then showcased during a great event within the show at the Cattedrale dell’Imagine, in the presence of the artist Francesco Canale.


Monet Experience

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