• Venue

    Santo Stefano al Ponte
    Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5, 50122 Firenze

  • Dates

    From 18 Novembre 2017
    Until 01 Maggio 2018

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The revolutionary palette, the decision of painting en plein air, the discovery of the city, of nature and of life in all its vitality, the break with the academic art school, the scandal and the wonder… all of this is presented in Monet Experience, an immersive format that will guide the audience to the discovery of the great Impressionist paintings.


Monet Experience is Crossmedia Group’s immersive exhibition dedicated to the paintings of Claude Monet and the Impressionist tradition. The colour palette, the dynamism, the bourgeois scandal and the scholarly debates, the break with academic conventions and the discovery of a new approach to art… visitors are exposed to the entirety of this compelling narrative. The visual study of Impressionist art highlights the potential of immersive technology within a colourful space that envelops and overwhelms you. Over the course of 45 min, Monet Experience offers the public an unconventional digital approach to the most celebrated pictures of 19th-century France.


Monet Experience

Info & tickets www.monetexperience.it