• Venue

    Basilica Dello Spirito Santo
    Via Toledo, 402-80134   Napoli

  • Dates

    From October 20 2018
    Until February 03 2019

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Klimt Experience is the accomplishment of a digital environment of the great project of that ‘total artwork’ envisioned by Gustav Klimt and by his followers, the artists of the Vienna Secession. The great narration, all-encompassing and immersive, in which art combines with technique, where the artist is both the subject and the object of contemplation.

Klimt Experience is the leading production by Crossmedia Group. Dedicated to an artist appreciated by both the general public and younger crowds, this immersive exhibit has already been presented in the main Italian cities, and has received great success even in Shanghai, where it revealed to be capable of attracting a universal audience, culminating the Wagnerian program of the total artwork, the great ideal shared by all secessionists. Now like then, the challenge consists in being able to conceive art beyond its historic boundaries, and allow its encounter with renovated technologies. Quoting Klimt, we could say: “there is no part of life unable to offer space to artistic aspirations.”

The immersive narration lasts about an hour and leads the audience through the artistic itinerary of Gustav Klimt, where visual and audio statements exalt the triumph of a conception of art that has no borders.

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