• Venue

    Basilica Dello Spirito Santo
    Via Toledo, 402-80134  Napoli

  • Dates

    From 20 Ottobre 2018
    Until 03 Febbraio 2019

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Klimt Experience is the digital completion of the “total work of art” project longed for by Gustav Klimt and his contemporaries, the artists of the Viennese Succession. A remarkable narration, all-encompassing and immersive, in which art merges with technology, and the artist is simultaneously the subject and the object of contemplation.


Klimt Experience is Crossmedia Group’s leading production. Dedicated to an artist beloved by both wider audiences and younger admirers, this immersive exhibition has already taken place in some of Italy’s main cities, and has drawn great success in Shanghai where it proved capable of drawing in a universal audience. The total work of art, Gesamtkunstwerk, is the concept under whose banner gathered the Viennese Succession group. Now, as it was then, the challenge remains to allow art to be considered beyond the confines it has historically had, and allow technology to become art. In Klimt’s words we could say: “no section of life is too small or insignificant to offer space for artistic aspiration”.


The immersive narrative, lasting around one hour, accompanies the public through Gustav Klimt’s artistic journey where visuals and sound celebrate the triumph of art without borders.

Info & tickets www.klimtexperience.com