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  • Dates

    From 10 Luglio 2018
    Until 10 Ottobre 2018


A production focused on the century that changed the history of humanity with its new philosophical concepts, new painting techniques, new architectural styles and new political forms. All this is the Renaissance, a narrative that we chose to recount through a strong and recognizable iconography: that of the great artists of the time.


From Donatello to Michelangelo, from Leonardo to Brunelleschi, From Lorenzo the Magnificent to Pope Leo X, the viewer travels through a complete sensorial journey while exploring the lives of this era.
A show replicated even in China, of which we recall the bewilderment and wonder in the eyes of our Chinese partner, as together we observed the coming together through LEDs of the David or the Venus by Botticelli, and witnessed the beginning of what was an experiment destined to success, in which dynamism and exuberance – typical of the Chinese culture – mixed with Italian classicism.