• Venue

    Santo Stefano al Ponte
    Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5, 50122  Firenze

  • Dates

    From June 01 2016
    Until November 20 2016

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Incredible Florence is the first immersive exhibition produced by Crossmedia Group: a multimedia production that – in 40 minutes – tells 2000 years of history of the Tuscan capital.

From the foundation of the Roman municipium to the decline of the Early Middle Ages, from the bloodstained city of the tower homes to the booming Golden Age between the first decades of the 14th century and the late 16th century, a legendary era in which the history of the West changed forever on the banks of the Arno river; followed by the process of national unification, which led to the urban concepts of bourgeois modernity, the city that faced the great conflicts of the 1900s, the rebuilding after the great war and the flood of 1966, the city of haute couture.


The visual narrative develops across a 60-minute production, in an artificial context in which the viewers – and only the viewers – are asked to decipher the relation instilled between the senses and intellect. Images and music reshape space, creating a device that travels through history and, at the same time, is both in and out of time.


The history of Florence – and actually told in Florence – has stimulated the Florentine community more than ever to attend the show with great curiosity.

Incredible Florence