Crossmedia Europe is a business platform born out of the dynamic alliance among four individuals who are highly specialized in the creation and development of content and new business:

Federico Dalgas Pandolfini (Linkedin)

Giancarlo Caratti (Linkedin)

Matteo Pederzoli (Linkedin)

Andrea Basso (Linkedin)

Crossmedia Europe SPRL c/o Square Charles-Maurice Wiser 10 bte. 23, 1040, Brussels, Belgium.

Crossmedia Europe

Crossmedia Europe

We provide research, strategic advisory, development, and business innovation by harnessing and leveraging cutting-edge immersive and experiential digital technologies, such as the metaverse, and operate in the fields of culture, the arts, education, entertainment, sports, and show business.


The metaverse is one of the hottest topics in the technology world. It is considered the future evolution of the Internet, which will become three-dimensional, pervasive, and immersive. The metaverse is going to disrupt our lives for the better, and thanks to it we will be more connected than ever. For instance, it will let us meet our distant relatives not through a boring 2D video call, but with realistic 3D avatars that will make us feel as if we are in the same physical space. Or it will let our children study astronomy through virtual travels to the planets of the solar systems, which will make their education fun. This is our future, and we must be ready to embrace it.

Metaverse development

Many talk about the metaverse, but only a few have the expertise to actually create experiences for it. Crossmedia Europe can craft marvelous virtual worlds for the metaverse, mixing elements of virtual and augmented realities with blockchain features like NFTs and play-to-earn. We care a lot about the user experience so that the worlds we build are not only technologically advanced but also fun and social, and as such able to create engagement.

Strategic advisory

Many analysts consider the metaverse an opportunity worth trillions of dollars (euros), and this is why your company should have a metaverse strategy. Do you? We of Crossmedia Europe, thanks to our team of top-level professionals with many years of experience both on the technology and business, can guide your company in entering the metaverse in the most successful way. And we can also help you in shaping a clear roadmap for the next 5 years, so that you’ll be ready for the next technological evolutions.

XR artistic showcases

Virtual and augmented reality are new tools that artists from all over the world are using because of their groundbreaking possibilities. Immersive realities can be amazing to create artistic installations that let the visitors immerse into the world of an artist, for instance by entering into the landscape of one of his/her paintings. Thanks to the metaverse, it is possible to create innovative events and showcases that mix wonder with education.

Hybrid experiences

The physical and the digital worlds may be seen as two disjointed dimensions, while actually, they can coexist in very interesting ways. Crossmedia Europe and our partners can create experiences that blend the differences between realities, making people in virtual reality and people in the physical world enjoy the same experience as if they were in only one, hybrid space. This groundbreaking technology is able to create a strong connection between the various realities in a way you have never seen before.

Multimedia exhibitions, applications, audiovisuals, digital and print editorial products.