Crossmedia Group works on a global scale as a leading player in the field of immersive and multimedia exhibitions, both temporary and permanent.

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The story

Crossmedia Group was established in 2008 to satisfy the growing demand for innovative products in the field of the valorization of cultural heritage. Since the very beginning, its development strategy aims at the proliferation of both the distribution channels and their corresponding languages: multimedia productions, applications for mobile devices, audiovisuals, and digital and print editorial products. The group has grown throughout the years, tacquiring new skills and testing out always more complex markets. From February 2015, Crossmedia Group manages the multimedia exhibition space of the Cattedrale dell’Immagine, in the heart of Florence’s historical centre. The artistic value of this space – a Florentine architectural masterpiece – and its position – thirty metres away from Ponte Vecchio – offer Crossmedia a unique location in the world to inaugurate many of its immersive events.

In 2016, one of the main global financial groups joined the company’s shareholders, granting the necessary solidity to compete across all fields and ensuring the board the optimal conditions to focus its efforts on the production and distribution of immersive shows.

The success obtained in this field of work has paved the way to numerous markets: from the United States to China, from Argentina to Chile, and even Brazil, France, and Perù.

Since 2018, with the foundation of Crossmedia Asia, we are actively present even in the Far East market.

In 2022, Crossmedia Group founded Crossmedia Europe, carrying out research activities, strategic consulting, economic and commercial developing and innovation through the use of the latest digital technologies, both immersive and experiential – such as the metaverse – in the cultural, artistic, educational, sporting, and entertainment fields.

Multimedia exhibitions, applications, audiovisuals, digital and print editorial products.