At Crossmedia, each production comes to light at the crossroads of two coordinates: the necessary replicability of an economy of scale and the equally necessary uniqueness of an artistic process. The constantly evolving demand and the certainty that only quality pays off in time, are at the base of the group’s productive process.

Productive process


Our strategic management defines the subjects of the productions.

A productive process is designed for each subject, employing the adequate scientific, artistic, and technical knowledge for the projects.


The creative team works on the development of the contents of the immersive exhibition.

The production division designs and realizes the exhibition spaces of the immersive show.

The mise-en-scène of the immersive show is accurately studied.


Crossmedia Group markets the license of each production, providing a package that includes the audiovisual apparatus, guidelines for the staging, as well as other, different contents.

Crossmedia Group is available to manage the communication campaign of the event.

In the presence of particular market conditions, specific collaboration agreements are defined.

The set-up of the multimedia exhibit installations is realized.