The Cattedrale dell’Immagine

The deconsecrated church of S. Stefano al Ponte – in the heart of Florence – is the first of many spaces dedicated to our productions. A highly evocative space, which adds an important architectural value to the show: ancient and contemporary art meet and create an entirely unparalleled experience.

It is the primacy of the image. Multimedia all-round projections onto the walls, ceilings and floors of the Cathedral, sound installations echo in the central nave, the Balcony of the Buontalenti – an authentic artistic gem found in the church – is relit with new colours. We stage classic and innovative media together; it is as if the history of this place is rewritten each day.

In this unique space, art, culture and costume take life like never before.

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    Dolby surround systems and multi projection Matrix–X systems offer immersive and engaging multisensory experiences.

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    From mirror halls and virtual reality to touch screens and in-depth videos, be entertained by fully interactive and experienceable narrative spaces.

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