Welcome to Crossmedia Group. Pleased to meet you! We are an audio-visual production company specialized in immersion shows focused on art, culture and costume.

Delve in a world of emotion, dream and have fun. Live art and history through your own eyes.

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Entertainment for everybody

Our multimedia shows entertain all audiences, introducing them to the concept of Beauty. The contents do not aim at “imparting lessons,” rather the interpretation is left entirely free. Subjective emotion and digital tools turn art and costume into simple yet spectacular concepts. “Instagrammable,” totally shareable.

High tech embraces culture

Virtual and augmented reality, mobile applications, interactive tables and multimedia laboratories: innovation treads a fine line along the most sophisticated projection technologies, and culture dialogues with youngsters and children, privates and schools, amazing everyone like never before.

Your emotion, the true protagonist

Behind every show there is a tremendous amount of work carried out by a interdisciplinary team of renowned international directors and scientific consultants. Careful musical research entwines fluidly with iconography, creating magnificent, highly impacting multimedia scenographies, capable of touching the deepest chords and evoking emotional reactions by the audience. For better or for worse, what matters is to experiment.

From Until

Cattedrale dell’immagine

In the heart of Florence

Spectacular and exciting entertainment every day.

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