About us

Crossmedia Group conceives, produces and distributes immersive multimedia productions.

Thanks to the experience gained through years of market presence, Crossmedia Group’s Research and Development division actively contributes to the development and the implementation of future technologies for the production of high quality contents.

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The diffusion of culture in a digital environment

The digital age disrupts many old paradigms of associated life, while imposing new ones. In the field of cultural diffusion, Crossmedia Group acts as the interpreter of such transition through an immersive exhibition format designed to enhance the potential of the present time.

Many tools, one goal

Visual mapping, virtual and augmented reality, mobile applications, interactive tables and multimedia labs, holograms: Crossmedia Group combines the many possibilities offered by digital technology to build an entertainment experience aimed at young individuals and families, as well as companies and schools.

A combined effort, a team result

Each production is the result of the work by a team consisting of communication experts, art historians, videomakers, scriptwriters, scenographers, musicologists, and sound and light designers.

Inside Dalí è un percorso immersivo che si colloca al confine tra immaginazione e realtà. Il visitatore viaggia in un universo immaginario pieno di sogni e riscopre la vita di uno dei più grandi pittori del XX secolo e una vera icona del surrealismo: Salvador Dalí. Prodotta con il sostegno della Fondazione GALA SALVADOR DALÍ, Inside Dalí è... Read more »
From 16 Settembre 2021 Until 16 Gennaio 2022